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Music.This post took a long time as i was completely confused which amongst my favourite albums will make it to the first “Albums must haves”. Its really a daunting task to select the first one as it has to be exceptionally good in every sense.Personally, i am not biased to any genre of music as long as its a good hear.
So as i was selecting the album i just thought instead of posting some international album,why not my first album be an Indian one, bollywood album (to be precise).The album is OST of movie “UDAAN”.I totally love the film score.

Some compositions are inspiring, and some are liberating,this album is inspiring and liberating at the same time.You feel as if you are in some other dimension wherein the world is yours to conquer,if you dare and if you have it in you.I personally felt the OST was the backbone of this film.Be it the music composition or be it the lyrics, you will find yourself completely lost in it.Amit trivedi, i have no words for this man, he reinvents himself everytime,and he does it excellently.Genius is the word for him,and Amitabh Bhattacharya,kudos to him for penning down the finest lyrics of his time. It may sound very simple but you can experience different emotion in each of his composition,yet the feeling of setting yourself free dominates each.I feel happy to see such talents emerging in India and getting appreciated.

I can go on and on about it but before creating this blog i had planned to make my posts short and succint, so that my readers don’t get bored reading ;).


Nonetheless,i would like to share my favourite lines of the title track “udaan”:

Nadi mein talab hai Kahin jo agar,

samandar kahan door hai

Damakti garaz hai, sone mein agar

To jalna bhi manzoor hai

Ik udaan kab talak yun kaid rahegi

Roko na chod do isse

Ik udaan hi sapno ko zindagi degi

Sapno se jod do isse!


To listen to one of the tracks,click the below link:




2 responses

  1. Rishi Raghuvanshi

    I LOVED THIS MUVI>…………….GR88888888888888

    March 19, 2011 at 2:35 pm

  2. sneyha

    yes indeed 🙂

    March 26, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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