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Red Maples Mashal review!

Allrighty!! Its been quite a while since my last post! Life has kept me busy all this while and a series of bizzare events that I really don’t want to recall. Thank heavens I have a bad memory! 😉 you tend to forget past events easily and the grudges 😉 Anyways getting back to my review, well in the past month I

have been to my hometown Indore thrice!! and I think sometimes a city really beckons you,  and that’s what happened to me.  Since it did, why should I not post about one of my favorite resort cum hotel.  Well my reason for liking it is not the food this time, but the picturesque location and it’s beautiful decor! Makes you fall in love instantly!! If you’re looking for a perfect getaway from those hackneyed city hotels, Mashal is the place for you.

About the food:  the taste can’t be described as exceptionally good as the consistency isn’t maintained, but the place makes you forget about it.  If you opt for open seating arrangement, you get to view the whole of Rau (a suburb of Indore).  Also I always prefer eating out in the lawn area, and relaxing by the pool side wooden tents.  Also the kitchen is located at the outdoors,  so it gives you a complete ‘feel’ of the place. I would love to spend my whole weekend here with my friends if i get lucky.  So my suggestion:  if you’re visiting Indore,  Mashal is one place you don’t want to miss.



One response

  1. Rishi Raghuvanshi

    i hav visited it during the period wen i was cute a lot…and mostly because of d swimming pool and open air seating

    June 8, 2011 at 10:56 am

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