Not just a Hedonist!!


spoilt for choice. Aren’t we?

So I was going through my emails a few days back and found this really awesome Barry Schwartz video that I absolutely love!! I surely have a “thing” for analytical guys 😉

It has been said that life is all about the choices you make, and sometimes more often than not about being decisive and picking one of the choices that we are given (or let me rephrase this: the choices that we create for ourselves). Now the real ordeal is when these choices lure us to the point of driving us insane!! When you just can’t seem to pick one,  or even  if you do, sooner or later you end up regretting and asking yourself “what if?” The natural response to such a situation usually is “Gosh!! I wish I didn’t have to choose” or “I just wish I knew what was right for me!” or  usually the case with me being ” I am scr**ed!!”  But we being the lesser mortals generally aren’t blessed with a foresight that could just make it easier. Every action we take, every decision we make , is a voluntary choice which may not be a conscious one, but it surely is! Now that I am 23, and I have quit bu**shi**ing myself  and I know that happiness is overrated,chasing it is like trying to find a unicorn in a gift wrapped box delivered by your lover. Now I don’t believe in unicorns or love for that matter so I hope you get the height of overrated I am talking here. (I am not a gloomy person, just a  realistic dreamer 😉 ). But coming of this age I do believe in accomplishments and that exhilarating feeling when my conscious choice takes me to a place where I want to be, and getting exactly what I want.  IF only it were that simple 😉 Anyhow you guys absolutely have to check Barry’s video to know about what I am getting at 😀