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‘The Office’ or the ‘Office Space’


So my favorite sitcom “the office” is renewed for a new season, and man am I happy or what!!??  I was just missing it so much that I started watching “parks and recreation” which is yet another single camera- mockumentary which I kinda like much but it can never replace world’s best boss.  Which brings me to this post: My first job and the “experience”. I quit the job recently, after slogging ( yeah, right!) for nearly twenty months. . Had a very dramatic exit with all the nostalgia caving in and seeing those months flash (very American beautyesque exit) post emailing the goodbye mail. It never hit me till i pressed the send button, and when it did I was just taken aback because I never thought that I will feel anything because I was this definition of the apathetic- gothic chick  at my office, very much like “Stanley” from the office or I became one in the process. The exit  was very much like Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin just with an exception that I wouldn’t be missing the place as much as I would miss the person I was there. Pictorially speaking, this is exactly how i felt:

What I anticipated:

(The Office)

What it was:

(Charles Chaplin: Modern Times)

What it made me:

(Ron Livingston from the “office space”)

The Expectations:

and what could have made it better:

(still from “Workoholics”)

(yeah i admit i am a pop culture ho 😛 )

On a serious note, the experience was not bad at all, I got to learn about myself and of course the “corporate” dynamics, picking up much required “life” skills towards the end of it. While I was at it, I asked myself one question “is this what my life has been reduced to” not that I did not love my job, but I guess I saw the “Tyler Durden” side of me taking over my personality (and thankfully I did not knock my coworkers down!!.. phew!!)

That being said, I was now more curious than ever, I started asking my friends that whether or not they feel the same (the lesser fortunate ones who are sensitive and are capable of generating thought processes on their own, (rare breed!)). And what I ended up discovering was everyone, read everyone feels this at some point or the other, I wish there was a word for it , but for the moment I will stick to “existential crisis”. Despite the nature of the careers we take up, we do end up feeling the “ick”. Running away from reality, out having fun, soaking up some sun. (not necessarily meaning the outdoors but the metaphorical one). Now if only we had a solution to this!! But from my personal experience I came to the conclusion that, we can’t escape reality but we can tweak certain aspects of it to meet our needs. If we have work related problems, communicate(trust me it helps, honesty these days is the most sought after policy)! (I was fortunate to have a great boss 😉 ). Find something that inspires you besides our work. If the cycle is: work, eat , sleep,  repeat, we can tweak it to work, eat, attend gigs, write, plan, travel, cook, read, change, repeat. Just make that one day count!

P.S: I may again go into the rut, so I guess I will be bookmarking this. 😀 To serve as a reminder. Maybe its time I get myself an inspirational tumblr page!