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The truth about DSLRs.

Recently while facebooking I came across this image. More than finding it funny, I found it amusing.

Why you ask?? One of the reasons being: the guy who came up with this image surely did not own a DSLR.  This post is in response to one of my friends constant banter about my camera. (Read its not a “in my defense” post but more of  “a life of a DSLR owner”.) So let me start by telling you a story about my AWESOME CANON 600D.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was born in a “Gujju family” (Gujju= Gujarati).  Now the thing about being born in a Gujju family is that no matter what the financial status of the family is, the head (Insert my dad) is usually one of the most frugal capitalist out there.  If Bongs (Bengalis) were the creative ones, Southies the intellectual ones, we Gujjus take pride in being called the “Money makers”. The pursuit of Happiness is usually the pursuit of money. Well that girl being me, and the feudal lord being my dad I think the story gets interesting. I grew up in a joint family, i think kids these days do not know what it is like being raised with a family size of the overall population of some crooked island of Bahamas. Literal “arrested development”.  I was expected to think like my cousins by my aunts and uncles alike when clearly I was not. (Not to prove a point that I was different but yes in comparison- so very much).  I remember my eldest first cousin used to watch an SRK (Shahrukh Khan) movie first day first show, and sometimes more than thrice. There is nothing wrong with being an SRK fan, but it never felt right to me , a person who could have watched “Jo jeeta wahi Sikandar” a gazillion times and loved Sai Paranjape movies. I never understood what my sisters used to talk about, could never relate to them which eventually resulted in me keeping to myself and becoming an introvert of sorts. As I am penning this post, most of them are happy planning their second baby and I am sure they do not have a glimmer of an idea what a “Blog” is.

Anyways coming to the point while I was a teenager I always wanted to be many things  but there was one thing I always wanted to do if given a chance I won’t fail: “to travel the world” especially the secluded places usually unheard of.  But my dad did not entertain the idea dismissing it as a highly unpractical one, which was pretty obvious judging from our ‘family roots’, and also at that age I was confused (I also fancied becoming a Criminal detective) and did not have the conviction to go for it. (and probably because I was sure if I would have argued I would have ended up getting hitched and instead of writing a blog, would have been tending to my kids :P) . So I ended up becoming a student of science,  which was an obvious choice given my love for reason and logic. It has worked out pretty well for me, for I have become an objectivist-rational-dreamer of some sort which I tell you is a rather rare breed. We love our money and also someday plan to live our dreams.

That being said let me tell you about my first official camera: while I was pursuing my engineering I asked dad that I wanted to buy a DSLR and by now you all must have predicted the response. He agreed on buying me a good point and shoot. I ended up buying a super kickass point and shoot SONY DSC H10 as my analog olympus film camera had become too quaint for my taste.  I instantly fell in love with my cybershot. It was not too feminine like those regular digicams neither too heavy weight like a DSLR. It just felt like “me”. I LOVED IT. It has captured some of the best memories I had but the DSLR dream seemed impossible as a gujju wishlist can’t be redundant. So I promised myself that once I was on my own the first gadget I will be buying is a DSLR.  And fortunately I managed doing so, but little did I know that “With great DSLR comes GREAT Responsibilities”.  Let me elaborate:

One. YOU are expected to click great photographs because you have an amazing DSLR. If you don’t live upto the great expectations your life will suck.

Two. If YOU are a good photographer and manage to take good shots: the compliments that you’ll probably receive is ” Which Camera??”

Three.  There are zillions of you.

Four.  After months of mulling over “which camera to buy”, once you are into photography, you have to start figuring out: “which lens to buy”. If you are rich, this doesn’t apply to you as you might buy every lens there is.

Five. If optics wasn’t your favorite subject, you might want to go back in time and probably go through it again which can a major pain in the ar/e. Trust me.

Six. The sheer weight of it might crush you.

Seven.  Oh so now you have tried clicking great pictures, but why oh why isn’t it as good as the other guy. Enter PHOTOSHOP.  Now besides learning optics, you gotta learn POST Processing too!! (Whaaa.. says the amateur photographer!)

Eight. ACCESSORIES. The tripod, filters, spare battery and all that jazz. So if you’re travelling and want to capture a perfect shot, you will have to carry a tripod! Whatever happened to *Packing Light*

Nine. Carrying it everywhere. That is what ideally people will suggest you to, but try it for a week and you’ll probably get what I am trying to say here.

SO now if you’re planning to buy one, I would suggest you buy a good LED TV. It entertains and expects nothing in return. 🙂

So far my experience with it has been good, I am yet to meet the expectations and yet to discover what I love to click  which in itself is task.  Also I am to upgrade my lens.  So I will keep on updating you about my experiences and my progress with the mighty Canon.  Posting some of the pictures I captured.

My Rebel T3i has accepted your compliments already 🙂