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Music as an Inspiration or is it the other way round??

After changing my password like zillions of times, and coming up with a password like “forgotmypassword” ( cool your jets hon, I’ve changed it again 😉 ) I am back to my blogosphere hoping that I will be consistent this time around. I have 10 drafts pending in my dashboard which could just mean that I might have become  super lackadaisical in general or maybe just about the blog. But the truth being, a pathetic internet connection has never inspired anyone and the fact that there were some personal commitments which were done with, just last saturday. Also to add to it I finally found the perfect name for my blog after mulling for almost half an year. Its now called *soul polka* because soul = music (for those who know me pretty well, I need not explain and those who don’t can read my earlier posts) and ever since I can remember I have always been the polka girl. My obsession for polkas goes so far as to my closet being full of polka dotted apparel be it shoes or an umbrella!  So its more of a pseudonym to me than just a name to my blog.

Anyhow, Since its my comeback and this being a microblog, let’s talk about inspiration and music. To quote Maya Angelou “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. “. Music has always been an inspiration to me and my favorite musicians. I want you guys to check out this song by one of my favorite bands “The Black Keys” (How I absolutely love Dan<3 <3):

and now doesn’t it remind us of the age-old classic  😉 To me it totally does 😀

Ok and now I absolutely love wilco and also Popeye.. you guys have to check out this amazing song by wilco (so groovy isn’t it?? ) and the super cute popeye video:

and how this groovy number reminds me of  this song!!!(THE Diva)

Ok now I happened to have heard this song on a group on facebook and I instantly fell in love with it, its a song by an alt rock band called “Blues traveller”.

and after a minute into it I already knew why I loved it : the beginning totally sounds like EVEN FLOW :

Some semblance there ;). The list is endless. One of the reasons I stopped blogging  was I used to think that what is it that I am doing different? In what way am I contributing to this colossal web of information?? Every idea has been thought of. Everything done. But if it doesn’t stop “The Black Keys” and “Wilco” to come up with such amazing tracks, why should it stop me. Music is an inspiration. Atleast to me it is. 🙂