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The great Gig in the sky!!: THINK FLOYD!

So another Floyd lover you are? And probably among the one too many to have just youTubed their live act! But hold on a second, ever heard about Think Floyd?? Well I hadn’t! But I guess i was just way too

 fortunate to have experienced the Think Floyd gig: India’s biggest and only Pink Floyd tribute  which happened last night at Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi! My verdict on the gig: heard the word Floydgasm!!??

They started with “Coming back to Life” which just took my breath away, as I was hoping that they would start with either that or Echoes, and yeah right! I guess yesterday was an awesome day! I was just reliving the pulse live act, just on a smaller stage i guess. I was just lost in psychedelia, you know the moment when

you’re high without boozing (and for some people having a joint 😉 ). I was lost in the world of Floyd, thanks to the enthralling performance, the awesome light effects and yes the Visuals!! I loved the visuals for “Time”, “High Hopes” and “On the run”.

Besides all that jazz, I can’t forget to mention the Saxophone act, which completely blew my mind away!! The saxophonist apparently had a throat infection yet he rocked the gig!! Also I think chicks have a thing for the vocalists and guitarists, (in quotes) ;), which reminds me that I just loved the use of slide guitar by the vocalist!

Their setlist included the songs: Coming Back to life, High Hopes, Poles apart, Time, Great Gig in the sky, On the run, Money, Us and Them, Brain damage, Any color you like, Echoes, Eclipse, dogs,  Shine on you Crazy diamond, Comfortably Numb! ( I might have missed the sequence and some more tracks probably because I was too lost in the music) I was hoping they’d play “Wish you were here” which they didn’t 😦 but I guess I have to post it on their facebook wall as a special request!!

Well I guess that’s all folks, THINK FLOYD was pretty friggin awesome! They rocked the sh*t out!!\m/ \m/ and as per Floyd:

““Long you live and high you’ll fly and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.”

So last night I witnessed a good deal part of my life!